August 19th, 2013

Minutes of the meeting held on 19th August at 7:30pm,

at Double Sushi Restaurant, 2795 Danforth Ave Toronto.


In attendance: 19 residents of Luttrell, Kelvin, Trent and Ice Cream Lane.


Welcome and introduction to topics raised at the first meeting;

·                           Safety – in particular drunken behaviour from Sunshine and Mel Low bars.

·                           Roadworks – co-ordinating construction

·                           Community – creating a Parkette / Community Garden, and having community events

·                           New Developments – Condos at the end of Trent, and Retail clothing store to go in to Noah’s Ark building.


Why are you here?

·                         a. Most residents had concerns over safety; Drunk driving, drugs, theft and mugging. This was mainly centred around the Sunshine Bar (corner of Danforth/Kelvin), but also in the general community.

·                         b. Hole in the fence across CN railway tracks.

·                         Hole in fence / Curb along back laneway adjacent to Target car park.

·                         Cleanliness and upkeep of back alley between Kelvin and Luttrell, and also Kelvin Avenue from Ice Cream shop.

·                         Community Spirit / Social events.

·                         Night-time disturbance from trucks in Target car park and back alley between Kelvin and Luttrell.

·                         Parking in private spots.

·                         Prevalence of Dollar Stores / Pay Day Loan establishments in local area.

·                         Formation of a parkette.


It was decided that Safety should be the main focus of the Residents’ Association, with any other subjects being supported but not necessarily discussed as a whole group (smaller focus groups are encouraged!).


a.       Safety

·                         If more things are reported to police, the more police presence there will be in a neighbourhood.

·                         All Action Point – Report all disturbances!

NB the non-emergency police number is 416-808-2222, and the Division 55 station phone number is416-808-5500 or email


·        Rob Action Point – 55 Division to be contacted to have a walk through to voice concerns / get advice. (Done – awaiting response. Rob)

·        Community Complaint Forms are used for e.g. noise complaints. With many complaints, an inspection will take place.

·        All Action Point – each residence to send a Community Complaint Form in complaining about Sunshine Patio noise/ drunken behaviour before next meeting. Heather to collect a number of forms to distribute.


b.      Hole in fence

·                         People cutting through across rail lines due to a hole in the fence

·                         Pauline Action Point – contact coun. Mary Margaret McMahon about who is responsible / what are the options for closing this.


Next meeting

As there were so many people, Double Sushi is not an appropriate meeting spot (but thank you for the complimentary snacks, tea and being wonderful hosts!). The Legion on Trent Avenue will be approached – tentative date = Monday 16thSeptember, 7:30pm.

Janice Action Point – contact the Legion.


4.   Final Introductions!


To fill a gaping hole in the proceedings, a final round of introducing our names and ‘years in the neighbourhood’ was had.  Deborah has lived here the longest, closely followed by Janice and Chris.  Do you know anyone who has lived here longer? (about 20 years!)


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