We had a great safety walk last night with Officer Rob – thanks to everyone who made it out.  There will be another safety initiative with Toronto Police Services in the Spring for anyone who missed the event last night.

Officer Rob took us through the streets and lane ways of Trent, Ice Cream Lane, Kelvin, and Luttrell.  Overall, it seems that we have a pretty safe neighbourhood with lots of lighting and clear lane ways and streets.  
Here are some general safety recommendations Officer Rob made:
  • Keep your front porch lights on overnight.  The light makes it more comfortable for pedestrians and persuades thief’s from targeting your house.  It lights up the street and lets potential intruders know that we are home and our neighbours are home making it a less appealing target.
  • Make sure your street number is visible so that pedestrians, neighbours, and police are able to locate your house quickly.  Stand back and look at your street number and make sure that your porch light isn’t shining on it in a way that actually reduces visibility.
  • Try to ensure that your recycling bins and garbage cans are secure so that they cannot be moved and used as a ladder for entry into your house.
  • During the holidays, discard your cardboard boxes (ie, for expensive TV’s and electronics) in a way that doesn’t broadcast what has been in the box.  You can try to cut up the box into small pieces or slice it open and turn it inside out so that the branding isn’t visible.
  • Call 911 if there is an immediate emergency; you are hurt or someone else is hurt.  If you see a crime actually taking place, 911 can be used.  Otherwise, for suspected activity and other annoyances, call the general police number at 416-808-2222.
For any street specific concerns, please contact your safety rep:
Trent Avenue:  Azizul –
Kelvin Avenue:  Janice –
Luttrell:  Pauline and Walter aka. Waline  –

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